Error serving css, js

I just installed Hugo via the 2 min intro video in simple DigitalOcean box behind HAProxy and cannot get the CSS and JS files to be served to my browser. However, the blog post html file does get served.
I feel like a I missed something fairly obvious.
Here is the network image of my console

For some reason my browser is attempting to find the files in “localhost”.
Can anyone help me out with this problem?

  • Jose

Show us your template. The error shows you have two slashes after the base url, so there’s that.

Template used is the same as in “quickstart video”.’s content:

date = "2016-01-05T21:55:57-05:00"
title = “welcome”

Scriptfuzz is proud to be up and runnig with hugo. This is the first post in what will be in what will be a technical articles.


Try taking out the {{ .Site.BaseURL }}s.

Thanks! This worked.

great to hear!