Error processing shortcode

I’m getting “error processing shortcode “_internal/shortcodes/ref.html” for page “manual/”:” all of a sudden for links that used to work? Like:

[Example]({{< ref “manual/” >}})

The pages exist so I dont really understand why this error appeared all of a sudden, am I missing something?


Is there more to that error message?

Hi, yes it claims that the pages doesn’t exist.

Building sites … ERROR 2018/03/06 18:46:02 error processing shortcode “_internal/shortcodes/ref.html” for page “manual/”: template: _internal/shortcodes/ref.html:1:73: executing “_internal/shortcodes/ref.html” at <ref .Page (.Get 0)>: error calling ref: No page found with path or logical name “manual/”.
They are in “content/manual/” (for example) though.

Has the way to create ref changed? It is from a site that already exists but I don’t remember when I generated it though.
EDIT: the URL shows …/manual/functions/ … not functions.html, maybe I’m just doing my refs wrong? It has worked until today though, weird.

No. But do you happen to also have a “” file inside /manual?

Sure do, the one that tries to reference the other ones… This will not do I reckon.

We announced bundles in Hugo 0.32 (I think) – and the “” is a reserved filename that creates a bundle with the other files in that folder and below. There is plenty written about this here on the forum and other places.

Aha, so something did change. Then I’ll look into it and see what i need to restructure, thanks a lot for helping!