Error deploy to netlify code 255 and taxonomy error

Hi !
I’m trying to deploy my hugo site with netlify to see how it works, but I get this error :

I already specified in netlify my environnement variable : HUGO_VERSION = 0.27.1
That didn’t help because I got the error above.

Anyone knows what the problem could be and how to fix it ?

Thanks a lot,

Note : I don’t get these errors when building the site locally

You run a very old Hugo version.

You should

  1. Consult the Netlify documentation about how to set a newer Hugo version
  2. If that does not help, ask Netlify

Hi, thanks for your answer.

I updated my Hugo file locally, and updated the environnement variable on netlify to 0.29
I still got the same error though…
I’m waiting for an answer from Netlify now.