Error calling readFile: file is too big

How would I go about increasing the size limitation of the readFile method? Currently reading a 1.5M file and it fails the build. That’s smaller than some JavaScript files.

kernel 5.6.11-arch1-1
hugo v0.70.0/extended linux/amd64

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1MB limit!


That’s correct. Its an arbitrary limit imposed here. Looks like the 1MiB limit may be lifted by rebuilding hugo after hacking the source.

a work around could be to split the file in many parts and loop / range over this files

That’s clever, and I’d consider it, but I’m working with historic files (read: 15-20 years old) and modifying them due to an arbitrary – and incredibly small – filesize limitation in hugo won’t meet my needs in this case unfortunately.

As a follow up, as a temp workaround I’ve taken to using the download attribute for links to files with size > 1000000 bytes. In my shell scripts I identifiy large files using find like so:

  $(find -maxdepth 1 -name "*" -size +1000000c -exec basename '{}' \;)

From a hugo perspective it feels there should at least be some kind of environment variable surfaced to increase the readFile size limtation until there’s a better way to handle large files.

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Very disappointing that the limit is so small, would very much appreciate a config variable to change this. Additionally disappointing that I can’t find the file size in Hugo to provide an alternative. I think I will temporarily move the large files and provide an alternative if they are not there.

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How convenient! Thanks for linking this :slight_smile:

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