Error building site : fail to extract shortcode


I’m trying to build my site using Hugo and the theme beautifulhugo (I was using mkdocs previously).

I typed the command line hugo server to see how it renders but I get this error message :

Error: Error building site: "C:\Users\Cyber Grange 07\documents\cybergrange\content\post\2017-03-20-photoswipe-gall": failed to extract shortcode: template for shortcode "load-photoswipe" not found

here is the code for my config.toml file :

DefaultContentLanguage = "en"
theme = "beautifulhugo"
metaDataFormat = "yaml"
pygmentsUseClasses = true
pygmentCodeFences = true
#disqusShortname = "XXX"
#googleAnalytics = "XXX"

I looked into this topic but I have the themed installed and called in the config.toml file.

Could you help me to deal with this error ?

Thanks in advance

Not really. You might want to have a look at the sample site installed with the theme and then decide if you really need this gallery sample. If not, just remove it.

Also, your chances to get help here are a lot better if you post a link to your repository. Requiring people to find their own way to stuff you use (like the theme here) is not making their job easy.

Thank you for the reply, I removed the gallery sample for now and the site works well without it.

I’ll put a link to my repository in future requests.