ERR: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Int on string Value

I created a shortcode :

class=‘well’ style=‘box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888;border-color:#E5E4E2;border-radius:10px;border-style:solid;’>{{ .Inner }}

The actual call is :

This is some content that will be rendered in a frontpanle that has a rounded boarder

Whenever this executes I get the following error but the context is rendered correctly:

ERROR: 2015/08/16 error processing shortcode shortcodes/fpanel.html
ERR: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Int on string Value

What am I doing wrong ?

You can start with getting the right amount of right brackets – but that error doesn’t match with the error you get, which tells me this example is incomplete/not exact.

A reproduce-able GitHub repo is best, but it should at least be the real deal.

Here is the repo:

You can find the shortcode here : shortcodes/fpanel.html

And the actual call : content/howto/


{{ if isset .Params "title" }}

The error message could be better, but the .Params in this case is a slice and cannot be indexed by a string. Params could also be a map (named params), but in your case there isn’t any params in use, so it defaults to slice.

The <!-- comments have no real effect on Go template code, btw.