Enhance Hugo with a regex preprocessor

Does Hugo have a regex-replace preprocessor for “content” and “layout” *.md and *.html files?

There is no Hugo support for many IDE/editors, and it is hard to develop without language support. A regex-replace option would go a long way to make it easier for developers.

Let me explain.
I am using IntelliJ, but I assume that the regex feature is invaluable on other platforms as well. In IntelliJ, mapping *.gohtml file to *.html enables essential language support but will render the Hugo “content” and “layout” page in the editor with lots of error highlighting, especially when using shortcodes/partials in HTML content files. The only real option is to turn off all code inspections and highlight, rendering the *.html / *.md files as plain text. Using a regex replace-gives users an opportunity to get a decent programming experience by a simple search / replace. An example is to replace the shortcode “{{<” “>}}” with “{!” “!}” to avoid error highlighting.

To avoid pushing incorrect Hugo syntax to Git, use Git hooks to ensure that the “replaced” parts are reversed when pushing.

This feature could also be seen as a poor man’s plug-in option.

For reference, SvelteKit has (svelte-preprocess/preprocessing.md at main · sveltejs/svelte-preprocess · GitHub)

Install Go - IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace and set your file type to go html or go template, not sure what they offer. In VSCode this works very well. Don’t even think about replacing markup in your code just so your IDE gives you fancy colors. You will forget how to setup your git hook or somehow copy paste code with wrong brackets. It will get more messy.