Editing the Instagram shortcode's CSS


I am using hte instagram shortcode on my website.

My website has the “Dark/Light”-colors feature.

My question is, is it possible to edit the css on this shortcode?

I tried this post.

I tried to force my css parameters through my own custom stylesheet but using the class names provided in the post, it does nothing.
I inspected the element and saw that none of the class names in the post were in the shortcode so I I’m likely miss using the post.

So yeah, any guidance would be appreciated.

Are you invoking the shortcode like this:

{{< instagram BWNjjyYFxVx >}}

or this?

{{< instagram_simple BWNjjyYFxVx >}}

Right now I am invoking it this way:

{{< instagram BWNjjyYFxVx >}}

Try it the other way.

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