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I have an issue I just cannot seem to figure out. So I made a website using the Academia theme.
I am hosting it on gitlab and everything works fine except when I press the title of the webpage, then it for some reason links to “https://jorgenfp.gitlab.io/” and I get a 404 page. Its a small issue, but its really annoying me because I cannot find out why. The baseURL in the config file is set to the full web address of course.
Any ideas on what is happening? My repository on gitlab: Jørgen Fone Pedersen / CV_Portfolio · GitLab

Thanks for all replies

Override the navbar partial…

mkdir -p layouts/partials
cp themes/academia-hugo/layouts/partials/navbar.html layouts/partials/

Then edit…

diff --git a/layouts/partials/navbar.html b/layouts/partials/navbar.html
index d6d2352..d58edc5 100644
--- a/layouts/partials/navbar.html
+++ b/layouts/partials/navbar.html
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
   <div class="container">
     <!-- Brand and toggle get grouped for better mobile display -->
-      <a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ "/" | relLangURL }}">
+      <a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ site.Home.RelPermalink }}">
         {{- if site.Params.logo -}}
         <img src="{{ printf "/img/%s" site.Params.logo | relURL }}" alt="{{ site.Title }}">
         {{- else -}}
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Thank you
This stopped the title from being a hyperlink altogether which I suppose is also ok.


Because you prematurely closed the anchor element.

Change this:

<a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ site.Home.RelPermalink }}"></a>

to this:

<a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ site.Home.RelPermalink }}">


Thank you so much, cant believe I didn’t see that. Now it works perfectly.

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