Dynamic Multi Category Combinations in Hugo


Hugo’s super-fast at making lots of pages, which is fantastic for research and nature projects. I’d love to see Hugo let us create category combos, like “black-cat,” from 2 categories “black” + “cat”.

It’ll save folks from using complex JavaScript or switching platforms. This feature would open up new possibilities for Hugo.

Thank you for your consideration.

That sounds as if you want Hugo to provide relational database capabilities. I’d suggest using a relational database instead.

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It is not at all related to a database; it solely pertains to taxonomies. It seeks an expansion of the current capabilities, enabling users to seamlessly combine categories in Hugo.

This enhancement would facilitate the creation of websites with potentially millions of pages. No dynamic functionality or database integration is required; the sole request is to broaden the existing capabilities. Thank you.

I said

That sounds as if you want Hugo to provide relational database capabilities

“Combining categories” is similar to “joining two tables”. Which is a key function of relational databases.

People have created websites with more than a million pages using Hugo..

From what you let transpire in your many posts, you’re dealing with dynamic data (real estate?). Lots of attributes (“categories”), having lots of possible values, frequent changes. It may well be that this doesn’t sound like “relational database” to you, but it does to me. You can, of course, drive in a screw with a hammer, but a screwdriver might simply be the better tool.

In your setup, you’d have to create all possible combinations up-front, never knowing if anyone will need them. In a more dynamic situation, you’d simply offer a search function and retrieve the data from the database if and when it’s needed. No need to generate millions of pages.

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Hi @chrillek

I am not sure what you mean by using the better tool?

I have moved this to nextjs as it wasnt possible to do with hugo.

The use case was all static pages but required combination of more than 1 category.

If hugo let me combine 2 categories then the speed comes in handy right now since i can only generate single category pages the speed is not very important. but if i was able to compbine categories which would generate millions of pages then the speed be an interesting matter to see.

It is not related just to realestate i also tried hugo with zoologist site but again end up moving to nextjs. If only there was the possibility to combine 2 categories in hugo that will do the magic and in many usecases where i need to move to nextjs would not be required. thats what i meant expanding hugo usecase.


I’ve already said that I don’t see a static page generator as the best tool in this case. You want to display relational data in nearly arbitrary combinations. That’s the job for a dynamic approach, i.e. a database that generates the relevant stuff on the fly.

You can, of course, use whatever tool you like. As you can drive in a screw with a hammer.

Exactly. That’s what databases were invented for – so that you do not have to generate millions of pages just to combine “categories” (or whatever).

No, this is not the use case of a static site generator. Amazon et al will neither move to Hugo nor to nextjs. Nor will others who want to display huge related datasets. You can, of course, build a frontend to a database with Hugo or nextjs or whatever.

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