DRY Handling of Images and captions in Multilingual Pages

I think I found the DRYest way to handle images and image captions for a multilingual website with Hugo. Here is the updated article:


The problems addressed are:

  • How to change an image and its captions with minimal amount of edits (think of a web page in four languages)
  • How to minimize the probability of image and caption mismatch, which can lead to quite hilarious incidents.
  • How to re-use the same image and captions as a single ‘composite resource’ in several parts of a website - think of main article and a teaser on the front page.

I would appreciate your feedback, suggestions for improvements in particular.

Why not share it here … where we can read it –

otherwise it looks like you are just writing clickbait to your own site

I’m sorry, are you saying my site is down? Why cannot you read it “there”, if the topic is of interest?

The word “clickbait” may have several definitions, here’s one from Wikipedia:

Clickbait, a form of false advertisement, uses hyperlink text or a thumbnail link that is designed to attract attention and to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content, with a defining characteristic of being deceptive, typically sensationalized or misleading.

There is nothing false, sensationalized or misleading about the link in my post. I’m just sharing a part of Hugo tutorial which I wrote in the hope it will be useful for those who start out with Hugo.