Inherit content on multilingual site


I just started using Hugo for a project of mine and need some guidance. I have set up a multilingual site with English and Swedish where I have a page resource called products. Each product will have some translated content like title and body but also images. To save some work for my author I would like to have a setup where the images are only added to the English version and inherited to the Swedish page.

Is there a way to get this working? I looked at lang.Merge but wasn’t sure if that was only for listing pages or if it could be used for my scenario as well.

All help appreciated, thx!

If the link to the image is the same, I don’t see how that could be a problem. A page-bundle structure would fit nicely:

|__images folder/product-image.jpg


At the moment my structure is something like this:



and then in the front matter of i have


  • image-1.jpeg
  • image-2.jpeg

I’m a hugo-noob so I’m not really sure what the best practice is, wouldn’t subfolders for each product with a for each locale be a bit overkill? I have and under products as well to list all products.

  1. For non-content resources (images etc.), create leaf bundles (see docs) in the main language and you can ovderride just the content file(s) in the other languages
  2. For page lists, use lang.Merge
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Ah cool, didn’t know about leaf bundles yet, thx for pointing that out!

I’m however using as my CMS and from what I have seen there is no easy way to achieve that structure without some manual effort, which is kind of critical for me since my author will be a non technical user. Do you know if there are any good CMS out that uses Hugo where you could easily achieve this structure?

If not, would it be possible to inherit the properties set in the front matter of the English version to the Swedish one?