DotOrg theme asks for 'npm run start'

Just started a site with Hugo. Used Ananke theme and got it up and running both locally and on AWS server.

Was using ‘hugo server’ to test the site on my local.

Now i want to explore the DotOrg theme.

Instead of ‘hugo server’ this theme advises ‘npm run build’ and ‘npm run start’

By mistake i used ‘hugo server’ and it seemed to work. Including updating a file that i edited while server was running.

Is there anything wrong with using ‘hugo server’ ?

Thank you.

Here you can see what the npm commands correspond to. It’s always a Hugo call with different parameters.

So there’s no problem in launching Hugo directly, without going through node.

Thank you. Please understand that i don’t fully understand the lines you pointed out. But i am happy with your solution.

Wonder why the DotOrg developers provide the more complex commands as the instruction? The npm server does not track file updates and i have to stop the server, build, and restart the server, while hugo does it automatically. Its wonderful and does not seem to load my very old mac.

Thank you again.

npm run start

just launch this command:

hugo serve --logLevel info --configDir=config --buildDrafts --buildFuture --ignoreCache --disableFastRender --gc  --printI18nWarnings --printMemoryUsage --printPathWarnings --printUnusedTemplates --templateMetrics --templateMetricsHints

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