DotOrg theme and and i18n


Just testing out the DotOrg theme. The demo setup seems to be i18n friendly. That means my monolingual site has to have an /en/ in the url.

I tried moving the file from /content/en to /content and it did not work. So the theme is setup for /en.

I can live with that though i would rather not.

However, i removed the /content/es directory and Spanish menu still shows up and the example home page in Spanish. That is not acceptable.

Can someone advice me on how to remove this behavior?

I am not managing a blog, so this theme works better for me. And it has a search engine which someday soon will prove to be useful. If someone has a better theme, or if it is easy to add a search engine to the Ananke theme, i am happy to receive advice.

Thank you in advance.

Menus in multilingual sites are usually setup like this. You have to check the config files of the site.

Also the site could have a defaultContentLanguage variable set in config to spanish.

This is not required. You can have a monolingual website without language suffix. Make English your default language.
You might require to do some other settings as well as explained here.

These issues are mostly to be solved by theme author though.


You can try Pagefind for search.

Thank you.
You have clarified all i have to do. But i was hoping a theme would do all that. Including search (thanks for suggesting Pagefind).
You are right - the solution has to come from the theme authors.