Does Hugo have an official Mastodon account?

Does Hugo have any kind of official presence there on any Mastodon instance? Asking because of the ongoing explosion of new Mastodon users as people leave Twitter. Thx!


I don’t think so. This is the official (support) forum. Social media is usually for announcements and is rarely monitored.

No, we currently don’t. I’m still hoping Twitter will “survive” (it has been my personal favourite platform the recent years).


There’s a bot that currently retweets the official account’s content about every 24 hours, but it’s obviously no substitute for the real thing. Hope you guys will consider making a presence there, too, ASAP — other SSGs are already planting their flags on Mastodon.


I’m all for it. I’ve run my own Mastodon instance for a couple years now and I really like it.

I don’t think Twitter will die but I do think it will become, and already is, a shadow of former self.

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