About the @GoHugoIo Twitter/x account

If you wonder why Hugo’s Twitter account has gone quiet:

Musk has made some changes to the security delegation setup which means that we don’t have access to that anymore …

I have done some detective work to try to find out who the owner of that account is, but no luck so far. If anyone remembers or know of another way to get in touch with a Twitter account owner, let me know.

The quality of Twitter has degraded a fair bit after Musk, but it’s still a good place to spread word about releases/features etc.



I would recommend the creation of an official account—and presence—on Mastodon, aka Fediverse. You will reach a whole lot of people using Hugo that way.


I think it’s a good idea.

Personally, I only use Twitter to read and therefore do not have a user account. This is why even reading access to various Twitter links is currently denied to me (e.g. I can’t visit https://twitter.com/ubernauten). Thanks to Elon Musk, who thinks he has to restrict access. However, I can access https://twitter.com/GoHugoIO without any problems. Probably no one can explain to me why this is so.

A source of information that is therefore generally accessible (like Mastodon) would therefore make more sense in my view. Especially since projects like Hugo are not necessarily directed to the masses, but to special users who are either active in the Fediverse or who have no problem accessing https://social.tchncs.de/@gohugo instead of https://twitter.com/GoHugoIO, for example.

Agree 100% with @Fastidious about picking Fosstodon. It’s the perfect Mastodon instance for Hugo. Right now, requires an invite, but there are plenty of Fosstodon users who would gladly extend one.



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I’m one of them. Will DM you.

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Following! If you can (or when time permits), please verify it.

Done … I think: https://gohugo.io/


I think the Fediverse and fosstodon are a natural fit for Hugo, but if you would also like a presence on Bluesky for Hugo, let me know; I have spare invites.

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I don’t know what bluesky is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

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Bluesky is a Twitter-like social media platform created by, in part, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter. It uses a protocol called AT that theoretically allows syndication, like Mastodon and other Fediverse platforms, but as far as I know the official bsky.app site is the only platform using it. (AT is not inter-operable with the ActivityPub protocol used in the fediverse, but I doubt it would be that hard to create a bridge if anyone was so inclined).

A lot of Twitter refugees have gone to BlueSky, because it’s essentially a Musk-free Twitter. There’s quite a fun community there currently, probably more creative types than techies, but also a growing community of scientists and historians. The big concern with BlueSky is that because it’s a privately-owned platform, there’s nothing to stop some future Musk coming along and ruining it.

If BlueSky doesn’t appeal, there’s always Pebble (formerly T2Social), Post, Spoutible … and probably more I don’t know about.

If we’re discussing alternatives to the big tech behemots and Mastodon, I think the most notable project is actually Nostr. From an organizational and technical PoV it offers the most compelling characteristics IMHO. And it actually scales (in contrast to Mastodon).

If you just wanna peek at it and have an Android device, Amethyst is a nice client. But there are also lots of others.

I think in the long run, Nostr will become a thing.