Does Hugo have a way to send trackback requests?

Wondering if Hugo has any way to possibly send trackbacks as mentioned here supports the Trackback standard. By sending a trackback, you can notify that you’ve created a web page that references a particular paper. You can view recent trackbacks.

You can send a trackback to our system by giving your blogging software the following trackback URL:{paper_id}

You will find this URL at the bottom of every abstract page. Our abstract pages support trackback autodiscovery: some software such as Movable Type can send trackbacks automatically when you link to our abstract pages. Note that WordPress only is capable of sending “pingbacks” automatically, which are not supported by arXiv. Instead see their help page for proper configuration of your blog.

Trackbacks will not be immediately visible. Because of widespread Trackback spam we have a semi-automated editorial process that approves trackbacks for display. Trackbacks from known blogs should become visible in a few minutes, but it may take longer for us to recognize new blogs.

We reserve the right to reject trackbacks for any reason.

Trackback autodiscovery is only implemented on URLs of the form “{paper_id}” and NOT on URLs of the format “{paper_id}” or on PDF or other full-text formats. Bloggers will get best results if they link only to the official abstract page.

Trackbacks recorded for an article may be seen from URIs of the form where 0704.0002 is the article id.


You’ll need something else to do the heavy lifting. :slight_smile:

Thanks, do you have any recommendations, because this seems like one of those features that is vital to blog posts being picked up by certain indexing services like Google Scholar etc, and I fear many blogs that use Hugo may be missed

It is not, I assure you. I encourage you to seek out academic resources to back your thesis. :slight_smile: