Documentation-like site for fair labor practices

Last fall I built this documentation site for a non-profit using the hugo-book theme: Toolkit | AJP Toolkit

It’s been very satisfying. The hugo-book theme is of course excellent for this purpose and has really been a dream to work with…and very soon, when we have more translations done I will need to figure out i18n and that side of things. I’ve used Hugo mostly for my personal blog, so it’s been extremely satisfying to see how easily it scales to a much bigger site.

It’s been a little fussy getting a static site indexed in a subdirectory of a Wordpress installation, but I think it’s basically in a good place. The thought of putting this much text content into a Wordpress site makes my head spin…Hugo has been so, so much faster.


You can find all about multilingual features in the docs.
Best wishes !

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