Documentation for listing pages in a taxonomy not correct?

I am trying to create a simple list of the first five blog posts tagged “news” on my homepage. According to this page in the documentation I would do:


    {{ range }}
  • {{ .Name }}

  • {{ end }}

Sadly this does the following:

ERROR: 2016/06/14 16:27:46 general.go:222: Error while rendering homepage: template: index.html:250:28: executing "index.html" at <.URL>: URL is not a field of struct type hugolib.WeightedPage

While this works:

<a href="{{ .Page.RelPermalink }}">{{ .Page.Title }}</a>

Is the documentation wrong? Did I miss something?

(Btw the documentation really needs to say if the taxonomy name is plural or not; get it wrong and just you get nothing, no error message.)

I recently noticed this in another thread on this site, where I suggested to reopen issue 608.

@bep Can you comment on this?

Yes, it looks wrong – but it should be right … If that makes sense. This is a case where the doc is right, but the implementation wrong. But we should fix the doc; could someone create a GH issue?

just opened issue 2216