Docsy: changing the homepage text


I’m new to Hugo and would appreciate some help with what might seem like a basic problem. I have successfully installed Hugo and applied the Docsy theme. My environment is as follows:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.69.2/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

I have successfully made some minor modifications to the homepage, e.g. changing the background image and removing the About section. However, I cannot figure out how to modify the actual homepage text.

For example, searching within the code files for any of the Goldydocs-specific terms that appear on the homepage (e.g. “bed softness”) only yields a hit in /content/en/_index.html - but surely there should be a corresponding .md (or other) file that I can modify to change this homepage text?

I have tried to review all the relevant documentation before resorting to raising this support query, including (including the references to the content root directory), but it still seems as though there is an underlying content file missing that generates the text that is currently shown on the homepage.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide!


Hugo supports HTML files as content files, but what you probably want to do is to create /content/en/ which would be the content file for the English home page (assuming you have multiple languages set up.

Hi Bep,

Thanks for your response. It confirms my understanding thus far, i.e. that a .md file would be expected to be present, containing the content for the home page for the Docsy example (I’m only using English at this stage). However, I cannot find such a file that contains the homepage text to be edited.

As mentioned, when I search for any of the Goldydocs-specific terms that appear on the Docsy example homepage, only the _index.html contains them. If I want to edit the homepage content that’s already there, editing the _index,html doesn’t seem like the correct approach.


As per Bep’s suggestion, I’ve created a /content/en/ file via the command: hugo new

However, when I edit that file, it seems to have zero effect upon the existing homepage (which still contains the Goldydocs-based text from the Docsy theme). Similarly, just editing the _index.html file has no effect on the actual content.

As mentioned, I’ve been able to make changes to that homepage already, including the title (via config.toml) and background image (by replacing the underlying file). However, editing the actual text content is still not possible. It seems like I’m missing an (obvious?) step.

Do you have any suggestions for how I could move forward with editing the actual homepage text?