Discourse Dark Theme

hi! i know it’s possible to enable a dark theme for Discourse forums.
check it at

what do you think?


That would make me happier :smile:

Discourse may have themes chosen by users, in their preference. But each theme needs to be configured as such.

@spf13, as site admin, you’re the only one that can make the Dark theme available to users (see the docs).

There are also other admins who could maybe activate the Discourse Dark Theme like @bep (maybe he can look into it) or @michael_henderson (although I haven’t seen him around for a while)

Is this what you mean with the dark theme?

Yes, that is it.

I’ll +1 on this! Dark theme for evening time browsing would be g r e a t

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Seems this is a lost cause? :man_shrugging:
I’d love to be able to read at night, current theme is too bright for that … :sunglasses:

@bep or @anthonyfok, would either of you please add/activate a dark theme? Let me know if I can assist.


@maiki Thank you for the heads-up! I have added a “Hugo Dark” theme based on Discourse’s stock Dark theme with some tweaking to better match the theme on Please check and see if you can select the theme under user’s Preferences → Interface → Theme.

I have also installed the “Hamburger Theme Selector” so the “Hugo Dark” and “Hugo Light” themes should be selectable from the hamburger menu.

Please let me know if you notice any issue. Thanks!


Lovely, thank you! :clap::grinning:

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