Disabling default output formats _without_ disabling page kinds outright

I tried asking this as a feature request over on Github, but somebody misread my ticket, gave me completely the wrong answer, closed it without a second thought and ignored any further response.

So, the current documentation gives the following example for enabling additional output formats in Hugo:

  home = ['HTML', 'AMP', 'RSS']
  page = ['HTML']

This kind of implies that ‘HTML’ needs to be explicitly there to enable export to HTML, else it’s disabled, right? Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case and I could leave that out entirely like so:

  home = ['AMP', 'RSS']
  page = [] 

…and Hugo will still export everything to HTML, whether I want it to or not. :woman_facepalming:

I don’t want to disable the page kinds outright, I just want to be able to disable outputs to their default formats while still being able to enable other formats. I’ve got my reasons, I swear. :sweat_smile:

Yes, we have a defaults per Kind.

So, what are they?

We have plenty of options to turn off stuff in Hugo (see build options), but it’s hard to guess without knowing what you need to do.


Okay, so…

I have two sets of configs, one for the HTML version of my site, and one for a custom gemini/gemtext format that I would like to build separately so that it’s in its own folder that isn’t cluttered with all the HTML and other default gubbins. I’ve tried specifying a subfolder for said custom format in my primary config, but that doesn’t even remotely work how I expected (it creates the subfolder in every section folder instead of just dumping everything of the custom format into the one folder and reproducing the necessary directory structure in there).

That’s my reason. I want to build the regular version in one folder and then the custom gemini version in another separately, so that I’m not fannying about having to dig out the custom stuff from the default stuff.