Disable the Author pages?

Good afternoon Hugo friends! Just about to finish my next Hugo site for a client, and just saw the /author pages that I don’t want.

Is there a way to Disable the author page generation?

I have seen 'disableKinds", but it doesn’t mention authors.

I took the links of the layout but the /author/author-name is still being generated.

Anyway to disable it? I have searched through the documentation but nothing.


Your theme creates author pages. Search for author in the theme and remove page types or taxonomies that might create those pages. If this is not your first Hugo site you know, that we need a sample repository to see what exactly creates the author pages. Hugo does not do this on it’s own.

Ok thank you, will check for it in the theme.

1 hour searching for a solution, and I just had to delete the /content/authors folder.


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