Disable Multilingual options for Posts, Tags

We have large number of posts (10K+) that are in English. They also contain custom tags which are also in English only.

Is it possible to create a multilingual site (English, Russian) with only pages are multilingual but the posts, tag remain in English only.

 - content 
 	- about.en.md 
 	- about.ru.md
 	- search.en.md
 	- search.ru.md
 	- contact.en.md
 	- contact.ru.md
 - posts /  (English Only)
 - tags /  (English Only) 

Any suggestions and work arounds would much appreciated.

Does the site have only those two languages?

Yes, The site requires only two languages.

Try this:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-42629 https://github.com/jmooring/hugo-testing hugo-forum-topic-42629
cd hugo-forum-topic-42629
hugo server
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Works brilliantly for pages. Really love the use pageRef in menus and using mounts. Kudos.

The only remaining challenge (might be caused by the zen theme ) porting to my code is that custom taxonomies work for me.

  category: categories
  tag: tags
  collection: collections
  topic: topics
  author: authors 
  language: languages

I don’t understand the problem.

Nevermind, I think it is unrelated issue with missing template somewhere.

http://localhost:1313/en/tags/souvenir/  <- works
http://localhost:1313/de/tags/souvenir/  <- works
http://localhost:1313/de/tags  <-- fails with 404 

Thank you for timely help.

Really think you have knack for solving these kind of issues.

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