Disable kinds by section

Hello! I have a question: I have the following structure:

  - blog
    - post1.md
    - post2.md
    - ...
  - projects
    - project1.md
    - project2.md
    - ...
  - about
  - contact
  - ...

and I would like to use an RSS feed for my blog, but I don’t want one for my projects subfolder. As far as I have seen, there is no way to disable the feed only for certain sections of my sites (or only enable it in some sections), since disableKinds afects the whole site. Is there any way to do it?

Similarly, I don’t want a feed on my root with all my pages on the site (including the about or contact pages).

Thank you!

Have a look at “build options” (use the search).

Thank you for answering so quickly! If I understood correctly, with the build options I can’t really disable the feed for a subsection. I can disable certain pages from appearing in the feed, but that also makes them disappear from the sitemap (which is an unintended side effect).

OK, I read your question a little fast.

What you can do instead is to have a look at the cascade keyword and configure the outputs with that. What you then want to do is to disable RSS for all kinds, and then just toggle them on for the pages/sections you want.

I will try this, thank you!