Disable Hugo case-sensitive URL matching?

I noticed a request for http://mylocalsite/2014/07/27/sunday-ot-wolfenstein-the-new-order failed because my URL slug was upper case (“Sunday-OT-etcetc”). When I tested with the static output, my web server had no issue with the case difference. Is there a way to tell Hugo to not be case-sensitive?

As an FYI, my file’s case is correct. The URL in the front matter is correct. It is the link from the article list that is incorrect (all lower case).

In your config, set disablePathToLower to true.


Jeeze - I didn’t even see that - thank you - testing now!

Boom - thank you - not to get weird - but I love you. This was - probably - the last thing I needed to fix in a huge site conversion. :wink:

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Thank you. This fixed the URL case sensitivity issue after upgrading to Hugo 0.30.2 which broke all my permalinks. This setting fixed it. Very helpful.