Directory structure

I have seen something like this below on several support topics in here. How do people do this? a Hugo flag? What I mean is generating a structure of the site as below (I copy-pasted this)

├── assets
├── config
├── content/
│   ├── home/
│   └── post/
│       ├──
│       ├── post1/
│       │   └──
│       ├── post2/
│       │   └──
│       └── other-posts
├── data
├── layouts/ 
├── other-folders-and-files
└── themes

To make that tree structure like I did in the post I suggest you to try here. I used this and then I copied the output you can see on the right and pasted it inside the chunks.

I hope it was helpful.

For this purpose you can use the tree command. It is available for Linux and Windows. Under MacOS probably also but I am not sure.

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