Direction: rtl

How to fold a template completely right?
I used this tag but it didn’t work
direction: rtl

I don’t understand the question. What do you mean by fold?

If you are referring to language direction the parameter that should be used is called: languagedirection and not direction.

For proper language configuration refer to the doc:

You can see in my Zen theme how to implement the “languagedirection” parameter.

You can see it in action on e.g.


Thanks, that was very helpful. However default “ltr” here must be somehow escaped, right?
You have double quotes inside double quotes.

There is no need to escape the quotes in "ltr", because you are not printing these inner quotes. The quotes here are signifying that they enclose a string.

The output (asssuming default) will be:

    ^   ^
                              "{{ ... }}"
These quotes are from these:  ^         ^