How to use Arabic in a multilingual website


I’m using RELEARN theme which support multilingual and I’m trying to use the website in Arabic only without english or translation, but the Arabic language require the website to be from RTL (right to left) and not left to right.

If I just added Arabic content the website direction will be wrong.

How can I do that?
The default language is English

You could provide a dir attribute in the template used to emit the html element:

Set the dir attribute on the html-tab to “rtl” and you are done.

<html lang="ar" dir="rtl">

Hugo language configuration has a languagedirection but your theme needs to support it.

Here is a Hugo site in Arabic that I have built BypassCensorship.

I’ll add support for RTL with the next release. See i18n: support RTL · Issue #357 · McShelby/hugo-theme-relearn · GitHub for progress.