Did someone make hugo dashboard?

I’m making hugo dashboard for news publishing website. I will publish it on github with minimal template in few days.
Is there anyone who made it before and is willing to share that?

What is a “dashboard” in the context you refer?

forestry.io alternative

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And how you plan on making this work? You will need to have 2 sites one for the dashboard and one for content and both will use different themes.

I don’t understand how this would be viable but good luck :+1:

So I’ve finished it. I used html layout because of it’s features and HTML text editor have more features likes video embed and easy table creation. I made this dashboard because forestry doesn’t have remote image upload and HTML editor.
It can do following:

  1. Create a new post based on category.
  2. Upload images to imgur and insert them in content
  3. Upload thumbnail to imgur
  4. Generated post file with required archtype and places the file in correct category.
  5. Do git push to gitlab which will then trigger a webhook on render.com
  6. QuillJs as rich text editor

Currently it’s in nodejs but I’m planning it to make it in Go generate a single executable file and make a login feature which can make it team friendly.


  1. Edit post
  2. Delete post
  3. Google analytics in dashboard
  4. S3 image upload

Also let me know what do you think could be useful here.
Putting cloudflare infront of your render.com website or anyother host, will reduce the image http calls.

I was confused since you said you were going to make the dashboard in Hugo which made no sense to me but I think I kind of understand now.

So what you did was make a nodejs app that works like a local or self hosted Forestry for Hugo?

Got an example we can see?

So, link to the repo for us to try? :sunglasses:

Ahh, my bad. That’s some bad english of mine. Sorry
I will upload the code on github in by tomorrow or in 2 days.

I’m not a frontend dev. So, most of the styling I’m doing just by copy paste. Although, if someone with good CSS idea can make it look good.

Withing 2 days. I need to prepare some docs.
Thanks for your interest. I will create new thread when it’s ready for everyone.

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