Detect if something in a hook contains a paragraph

Hi, in a renderhook - or anywhere else I suppose, is it possible to detect if .Inner or whatever content contains even on paragraph ?
My quotes often have no paragraph but I need indentation, and I can’t target text inside an element that is not surround by any tag, like span or p.

{{ $author :=  }}
{{ $class   := .Attributes.class }}
{{ $complex   := or (or $author (or .Attributes.cite (not (in $class "simple")) }}
<blockquote {{with}}id={{.}} {{end}}
{{with $class}} class="{{.}}"{{end}}{{if in .Attributes.cite "]("}}
cite="{{strings.TrimSuffix ")" (index (last 1 (split .Attributes.cite "](")) 0)}}"{{end}}>
{{ .Inner|$.Page.RenderString }}
{{ if or $author .Attributes.cite }}
<div {{if in .Attributes.class "aside"}}class=aside{{end}}>
{{with $author}}<address>{{.|$.Page.RenderString}}{{end}}
</address>{{with .Attributes.cite}}<cite> in {{.|$.Page.RenderString}}</cite>{{end}}</div>{{end}}