Dart sass permissions issue causes ERROR TOCSS-DART

I’m using hugo v0.120.4-f11bca5fec2ebb3a02727fb2a5cfb08da96fd9df+extended windows/amd64 and running successfully in local mode with dart-sass using this to embed the resulting css in the page.

{{- with resources.Get "/scss/critical.scss" | toCSS $opts }}
<style>{{ .Content | safeCSS }}</style>
{{- end -}}

No probems with this at all and I believe I have the dart-sass on my PATH “C:\Program Files\dart-sass-1.62.1-windows-x64”

However, I want to use TinaCMS on the site so I went through the set up and this has installed varous Tina related files and folders in the static folder.

To activate the CMS, I run npx tinacms dev -c hugo. This results in the following error:

ERROR TOCSS-DART: failed to transform “scss/critical.scss” (text/x-scss): got unexpected EOF when executing “sass”. The user running hugo must have read and execute permissions on this program. With execute permissions only, this error is thrown.

I have seen that others have had similar issues in the past and have changed the permissions on a file.

Does anyone know which file needs to have its permissions changed to enable this to work?

I appreciate that this issue derives from using Tina and isn’t, inherently, an issue with HUGO but the similarity of past issues with Dart Sass suggests that someone here might be able to throw some light on this.

Any ideas gratefully received.


Here’s the repo GitHub - AttractMore/losabedules

This fails:

npx tinacms dev -c hugo

This does not:

./node_modules/.bin/tinacms dev -c hugo
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Thank you again @jmooring

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