Custom share card partial not accounting for webp conversion

It seems building a site causes files like assets/images/foo.png to be converted to webp but the templates for twitter:image and og:image linked below don’t account for this. Instead, they are looking for /images/foo.png, which 404’s. I am not sure if this partial should be looking for the webp version or if the png really should be being copied to the final site, but I am hopeful someone here knows.

It looks like you’ve already raised this issue with the theme author:

I had, but I was hoping to learn and put up a PR like I have done with several other things. As it turns out, the theme just released v2 and the author says this was addressed there. That said, I’m still interested in learning why this didn’t work originally.

Which is broken, missing many of the required partials. Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks like it was released without any testing. I don’t have much confidence in this theme.