Custom author metadata in posts instead of author specific files?

Thanks for a great forum!

I am creating authors pages for a website with many authors. I have succeeded in doing it using separate files by author storing their metadata (Twitter username, bio) as explained here.

I wonder whether I could instead

  1. save the metadata in each post i.e.
  - name: Maëlle Salmon 
    twitter: ma_salmon 
 - name: Mark Padgham 
  1. not create a file by author
  2. and still get a taxonomy by author name?

I am nearly sure it is not possible (and maybe even a very bad idea since this system might mean conflicts where two posts define different Twitter usernames for the same name) but wanted to be sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once this issue is resolved, you will be able to do just that:


Oh interesting, thanks!

I guess inconsistencies across posts will remain an issue but nice that this alternative will exist!

Perhaps this helps:

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Thanks, that’s my current setup because I followed :slightly_smiling_face:

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