Custom Archetypes Appear Locally But Not When Deployed

I have migrated my company website to Hugo, and I have three archteypes–one for blog posts as usual but tutorial and course as well. I have created list.html and single.html to accommodate the slight differences from the default. Things look pretty good locally, but when I deploy to Netlify, the listings don’t appear for my custom archetypes. The individual pages do appear though.

If you want to look, the source code is on GitHub.

The empty listing page on my staging site is here.

I am sure it is something silly, but your help is appreciated. Thanks.

It was something silly. The Hugo versions were out-of-sync between my local and Netlify. For those who may come upon this message, note that you can declare the Hugo version you want to use as an environment variable. If the version number is valid, they will install it, and things should be consistent. Petty cool, eh?


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