SVG files not displaying locally!

This really is the super oddest thing I’ve seen. SVG files aren’t displaying locally in the browser but are fine on remote server. Also, work fine locally on Python dev server.

Also, it’s just started happening. My thoughts are that it’s an update to Hugo serve, possibly some security measure?

I’ve put the test branch up on

To replicate the issue:

  1. Click to Deploy to Netlify
  2. Git clone to local machine
  3. $ hugo serve
  4. $ cd themes/indiegomin/
  5. $ npm install
  6. $ gulp

This should automatically open a browsersync window, where you can see the local Deploy to Netlify SVG button not displaying itself!

many thanks, Jake

Hugo versions used locally and on Netlify?

There was a recent bug in Hugo 0.43.
It was fixed in 0.44

See here


Ahh, totes forgot the old version thing. 0.43 locally, 0.36 (!) on Netlify. Time to upgrade methinks.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: