CSS not found in production

Hello there, I have this CSS issue not found in the production. I tried googling it but the relativeURLs doesn’t help my issue.

I am deploying hugo in netlify.


Hi there,

We cannot help you with the limited information you have provided. Please have a read about Requesting Help and provide a link to your site code repo.

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Hello, I am talking about this issue. The css file in the dist directory was can’t be found once uploaded in netlify.

Have you read through Requesting Help ? We cannot help you with the limited information you have given. Please make sure to read these sections and follow the directions.

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I’m not totally sure that is a great idea as a general rule. There should be room for simple/obvious questions without a repo showing the problem …?

@bep Goes without saying. Of course we are engaging and solving issues without asking for a repo, but as you’ve seen there are people who ignore us when we ask for a repo for whatever reason, or even go as far as to complain about us, because we do not fit their expectations.

There is no more bandwidth for that sort of thing, hence the above.

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