Creation Date false

The date of my creation folder“public“ is always 30.08.1754 - is this a bug?

Hi, you give us too less for help. Can you create a sample repository in github?
Where comes this date from? What are you doing?

Hi, thank you for your fast reaction!

I’ve found some simular post her in the community:

I’m using hugo on a mac with homebrew.

After creating my folder with hugo -D (same with hugo) the public folder (the build) has this creation date. 30.08.1754 - this since i’ve installed (and later deinstalled) go on my mac (about brew). maybe some variables are not right?

this is the ouput:

drwxr-xr-x 18 sys test 576 30 Aug 1754 public

Thanks for your help

my 2c

Looks like a Go / Mac error.
is on Github issues