Creating separate pages instead of a single large page


I’ve been looking for a step by step guide on how to create a page that instead of scrolling opens separate pages.

For example, all of the themes that I’ve seen if you click on “Contact” for example, it will scroll the page down to Contact section, I’d like to have it open up a contact page instead.

I’m sure lots of sites are like this, where you have “About”, “Contact”, “Location” etc. up the top which stays the same, and opens up the appropriate pages.

I’m sure this is possible but I can’t find a guide to do it which is clear for someone that hasn’t created via hugo before.

I love the look of the Agency theme, and would love my site to look similar without having one huge scrolling page.

Thanks very much and I hope this post is alright in this section.


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I think you’re only looking at single-page themes, which has nothing to do with Hugo as much as it has to do with home the theme is designed. By default, Hugo is going to create individual pages for each markdown file you create in a section…

Start reading through the docs: