Create new content with title rather than path name

Running hugo new post/ automatically detects the title to be hello world.

Is it possible to go the other way round?, ie:

Running hugo new post "Hello, World!" to automatically set the path to be post/

The auto-generated title is never quite to my liking in terms of capitalisation and grammar.

Issue 989 might at least fix the capitalization problem.
But of course your request is different.

It wasn’t meant to be, either, I guess. It is a placeholder: Put your real title here.

Your feature request would be possible, but then we would expand the params to get the content type etc.

And in most cases, the title is something that you should think through, try out some options, see how it fits with the rest of the text. It is the most important part of a blog post / article / whatever.

Valid point, well presented!