Cool sites that run Hugo

This demo is also build in Hugo:

The original application is a PHP application with a closed source (Usecue CMS). This demo is a mockup of that application. A counterintuitive choice, but it works pretty well for me.


Here is another one… a very minimalistic website (just 130kb):

… and another small (Dutch) website (170kb with a perfect Google Lighthouse score):

These pages load in about 150ms from Frankfurt (according to Pingdoms synthetic test).


I like it. Impressive CV; let the content talk. Any reason you’re not running with hugo --minify to save some … more bytes?


Thank you! And a great suggestion!

  • Hugo public dir non-minified: 32 items, totalling 480,2 KiB (491.684 bytes)
  • Hugo public dir minified: 32 items, totalling 476,2 KiB (487.614 bytes)
  • Difference on the homepage (minified or not): 500 bytes
  • The average gain is less than 1% for this (already optimized) website

In THIS case I can safely omit the minify command, but I will benchmark it on other websites as well. Thank you for pointing me to it!

I’ve got an interesting use case here. My personal blog is running Hugo:

However, the book review list.html template here is actually a fusion of both Hugo and arrow.js, where Hugo generates the JS datastructure and arrow.js uses html templates to create an interactive layout that would have been very painful with vanilla JS.


Dunno if it’s cool, but I’m pretty proud of the docs site I’ve built: Pachyderm Docs: 2.5.x

I built this one too, but it’s undergone some significant changes since I took another job. Still Hugo though


A generator meta element would be nice.

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