Cookies in Hugo

Does hugo use any cookies?

I’d say no but I’m pretty unsure about that

for my site

  • no Analytics
  • Youtube is nocookie
  • no retargeting aims

No. It’s just plain old HTML files.

Unless you’ve added JavaScript that does cookie manipulation.

thank you for your reply!

I have some JS Files loaded.
I really don’t know about their cookie thing - I guess this is not a hugo related thing. I have listed them nevertheless for completeness.

  • imagesloaded
  • jquery
  • library
  • masonry
  • slick

That is true, but we have some shortcodes that may do that. There is more info here:

Thank you, I had already disabled all these features except youtube via nocookie.
And it’s awesome, that the developers have made it possible.

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Ah, good point by @bep. And sounds like you’ve handled that then @unique