Content "pages" that are external links?

I’m working on a personal site where I want to show off “projects”.

From the perspective of the homepage, ALL projects are basically a name, brief summary, and a summary graphic. Each time I generate my site, several of them will get picked to display as a portfolio sampling plus a link to an “all projects” list page.

However, there are actually TWO “subtypes” of projects I want to support:

  • full content (page bundles and possibly subsections) that is part of my Hugo site — i.e. the “homepage” and perhaps subpages for my project are hosted on this site
  • external links — i.e. I want the project to show up in my lists and random sampling, but clicking on it goes to a different website, e.g. the project “homepage” is a github repo or the deployed app itself

For some concrete examples, maybe I have an “aquaponics” project where I author notes and add pictures within Hugo as a page bundle (first subtype). But another project might be my “IP Calf” single-serving site, where beyond the name and description I don’t have more to say (second subtype) therefore there should be no page output; in the list(s) instead of linking to a page it should links directly to

Is this something possible to pull off? I imagine it would start with a custom e.g. “externalURL” variable in the frontmatter of such pages, but I’m not sure how I’d go about suppressing the output as a local page and having generated link references go to the external site instead.

You could put your external projects into a data file, and then combine this list with your content projects pages list.