Content organization advices?


I am a member of the Fedora Linux community and I am happily using hugo for basic blogs. My best feature in Hugo is internationalization, thanks a lot for handling that so well.

I would like to ask you how to organize content when there is thousands of pages to generate.
The context: Changes/LocalizationMeasurementAndTooling - Fedora Project Wiki

Here is a demo for one release of Fedora Linux: Fedora localization statistics - Fedora localization statistics

Currently, I organize the content that way:

  • Root
    • Release (f34 in the demo) - a section in Hugo vocable
      • Languages - a sub section? in Hugo vocable
        • One per per language (330 pages in the demo)
      • Packages
        • One per package (1416 in the demo)

What I would like:

  • When the user is on Language “French” for the release “f34”, I would like the user to be able to directly jump to the previous release
  • Create alternate hierarchies
    • Geography, Europe > France and see a list of languages spoken there
    • Language Familly > Indo-European > Italic > Romance> Italo-Western> Western Romance > French
    • Scripting familly > Latin

I feel like I could make use of taxonomy, or use the special Data folder or something else? I would love to get some advices on the ways to proceed.

Would you mind sharing some advices on how to proceed?
Yes, all of these pages are auto generated.

Thanks a lot for your help

You could organise your content with one language per directory: Multilingual Mode | Hugo



You could also have a look at how other docs sites manage their content versions. Kubernetes for example keeps each version as its own branch, and build them each, then link to each other. (Not affiliated or involved, so don’t know much more than this).

Then from within any page you can use .AllTranslations to get a list of other languages: Multilingual Mode | Hugo

Here’s a thread with a couple more sites that also use Hugo. Maybe some of them can help/give you inspiration: "Do any of you know any major sites that use Hugo?"

Taxonomies are probably more helpful than data files here, especially if you want to have attribute pages generated.

For example, having a geography taxonomy and want to see all pages from geography/europe/

It’s usually a lot easier to get help once you have a rough skeleton of a Hugo site already set up, because then we can give specific advice about what you could do.