Conference theme

I’m considering to move a conference web site (WordPress based) to Hugo. I’ve been looking at the various themes but I don’t know which one to use. Does anyone have experiences from doing a conference site in Hugo?

What the site needs:

  • It needs to work both as a site for this years conference but also as an archive site for previous conferences (currently about 10 years)
  • Each year typically consists of 20-30 pages. No blog, just pages.
  • Easy and clear navigation - probably an hierarchical menu system
  • Content is usually text, either as continuous text or in tables. Some images but not many.
  • The site is usually pretty much in hibernation for 6 months each year, with sparse updates during 4 months and intensive for 2-3 weeks.
  • Only need single language since English is the conference language.
  • Speed, I really want fast page loads.

Any experiences/recommendations for setting up such a site? (unfortunately it’s unrealistic for me to code a theme for this from scratch … I don’t know enough about modern CSS/JavaScript to be able to do this on my spare time)

Hey @jemostrom,

there is a Hugo theme targeting events like conferences. It seems to fit most of your listed requirements.