Component to display nice notices

I just published a new theme component providing a shortcode to display nice notices, e.g.
Maybe this can be useful for someone.

@budparr: please can you add it to your awesome-hugo list?


FYI: I updated this component for use with Hugo 0.55.0 or later.

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This was updated, and can now use Font Awesome version 4 and 5.

This is such a great, handy, and aesthetically pleasing theme plugin. Question for you now that I’m trying to build a site with Hugo after a long (and unwelcomed) hiatus for JAMStack, please:

Are git submodules still the best way to install themes or are there alternatives?

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I’m afraid I’m not an expert in Git enough to say if git submodule is the best way. What I can say is that it works well for me. :wink:

However I’ve heard that some prefer to use git subtree.

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Currently it is the best way, but there is work being done that may change this approach in the future. See:

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This component hugo-notice has now localisations in Italian and Portuguese, thanks to contributions of community members :partying_face:

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Component hugo-notice just received Arabic and Turkish localisations :pray:

It is now avalaible in 9 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic :heart_eyes:

All the best for 2021! :firecracker: :tada: