Comparison chart: Free hosting for Static Sites / Jamstack

I found this site with a chart comparison of Cloudflare Pages + Netlify + GitLab Pages + Vercel + Firebase + Render + github pages

If you are on the search which one to use hop on to: CloudFlare Pages, Netlify, Zeit, Github Pages, and Gitlab Pages. Where to host for free?

Do you know of other detailed comparison charts which cover more than two and three services? Share them below!


I use Cloudflare Pages since they also host my domains and DNS and have multiple PoPs. I would use Nelify but their nearest PoP from my target audience is 5000km away while Cloudflare is just 500km away!

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Nice comparison! Have you considered adding performance comparisons in there as well?

It’s not mine. :slight_smile: I just found it while searching for a comparison chart.

I think you can open a ticket in his sites github repo for suggestions about the chart.

So far, I haven’t found a similar chart, usually only 2 are compared and no charts (easy to look at).

I found this recent comparison of static site hosts really good: Comparing Static Site Hosts; Which Is The Best Host For A Static Site? - Kev Quirk

(I am staying with Netlify :smiley:.)


With current Fast Builds on Cloudflare Pages, that article needs an update.

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