Compare Time to Determine if Now is Today

Given the following front matter:

sale_ends = 2017-11-14

Is there a way to determine if now is the same day as sale_ends? I don’t mind exploring more on my own, but I’m not sure if there’s a simple way or if I should start reviewing the Go docs linked from now. Thank you!

I haven’t tried , but you should be able to use time function to convert that sale_ends string to time.Time format, and then .Unix to convert that time and now time to seconds, and then take a difference of those. You can know if the time is already past if the difference is negative/positive. Based on the difference amount, you can also tell if the sale_ends day is the same as today now (which is actually the date the site was last published, not necessarily today).

Related example:

Also, I am assuming that you already looked at setting expirydate in the front-matter? If you want to just not publish a post beyond certain date, just use that variable in the front-matter so that you don’t need to do that date math.

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With .Date you can easily convert to Unix time for comparison to now (".Date.Unix" “ge” now.Unix), but it looks like you need to convert your field instead of a date parameter, so you could probably do something like {{.Params.sale_end | dateFormat "20060102"}} and use that to compare to now. You’ll have to convert now in whatever date format you choose to match (e.g. {{now.Format "20060102"}}). I think that will work.


I have a bit of code to highlight posts updated within 3 days, hope this will be helpful:

use YearDay is really convenient.

 {{ if lt (sub now.YearDay .Lastmod.YearDay) 3 }}
      <span class="last-modified">updated within {{ sub now.YearDay .Lastmod.YearDay }} days</span>
 {{ end }}


Your solution does not work properly. It all goes haywire when you deal with different years. I was getting negative days for old posts.

This works better (my example displays a bootstrap badge, but the principal is the same):

{{ if lt (sub (now.Unix) (.Lastmod.Unix)) 1209600 }}
    <span class="badge badge-secondary">New</span>
{{ end }}
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And note, I believe you have to have enableGitInfo set to true for .Lastmod to work.

That is not entirely correct. .Lastmod takes the date as follows:

  • If lastmod is not set, and .GitInfo feature is disabled, the front matter date field will be used.
  • If lastmod is not set, and .GitInfo feature is enabled, .GitInfo.AuthorDate will be used instead.
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