String to Time object function?

First of all hello, my name is Andrés and I’m a front-end developer that has recently adopted Hugo for his projects. I know very little of Golang, and can barely understand it’s syntax so please bare in mind might ask obvious type of questions out of plain ignorance.

I’ve found myself trying to add two date values for a sindicated section, one for the publish date using the main Date parameter on the front-matter and a due-date when the post should expire and I can add some changes on the template in that regard. This could be easily achieved by comparing the dates using the Date.Unix method but the main issue here is that the due-date is a string and not a Go Time object. I’ve found that using the DateFormat method would still work with my string but returning strings won’t work for comparing.
Also comparing Date.Unix and Now.Unix it’s not an option since I want my feed file to show the published date and not the due-date.

Any suggestions? Have any of you find a workaround for something like this?

Thanks in advance!