Closing old topics without bumping them up the list

So I decided to clean up topics I’ve opened that I think should be closed, but especially for really old topics, I am hesitant to add a closing post and solution it (where there isn’t a solution per se) since that bumps the post up to the top of the list for everyone.

Is there a way for a regular member to close a topic without causing to be bumped?

I don’t think so.

If I were trying to do this I would make a list of the links and PM a few mods with it asking if they would close them for me, and offering that I will be their very best friend if they do. :slight_smile:

The bumping is the message that a moderator closed the theme. So even when it’s done automatically it will come up in the list. I always see those closed items in the RSS feed of the discourse. I don’t think there is a proper way to “sneakily” close them. The fastest automatic way is to mark them solved (2 days autoclose) or ask the mods.

Only Discourse moderators have the option to ‘Reset the Bump Date’ of a topic.


Thank you everyone. I guess I’ll just leave the old topics as they were. It seems to be a common practice, I was simply hoping to tidy a little; definitely not worth getting mods to spend time on manually closing things.


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